1947 Pontiac


1947 Pontiac Owners manual

2nd Edition

Print date: Jan 1947

this manual covers all Pontiacs for 1947

This manual has been repaired See Below

Also comes with:

  • 1947 Pontiac owner owners manual
  • 1947 Pontiac rear view mirror warranty card
  • GM good housekeeping manual Very Rusty staples 
  • 1947 Pontiac factory Envelope

this manual is in Amazing condition

Please look at the photos

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  1. The Staples had rusted away and making oversized holes from the oxidation. 
  2. Two pieces of book binding tape was used to repair the oversized hols in the cover. 
  3. Two pieces of book binding tape was used to repair the oversized hols in the the center page. 
  4. What was left of the Original Staples were removed and discarded New staples were utilized to rebind the manual.

Please look at the photos